This website is a platform for the quirky side of relationships. It's here to show you the many different ways to be in one and why there is no right way to do it, especially in 2020 and beyond.


After interviewing a handful of people, they would always put me in contact with someone else and the cycle would continue. Soon it became quite clear that everybody has an interesting story to tell.

I wanted to create a space with all these stories in one place so that people can learn something new and become more empathetic towards others.  


My name is Heather Graham and I’m a freshly graduated journalist based in Glasgow. I write human-interest stories, features and the odd piece or two on pop-culture.


The core of this website is what my dissertation consisted of, but I felt there was more to tell and so this blog was born.

I have been published in the Daily Record, Oban Times and Glasgow Live and this is my first solo project. Always open for commissions, just get in touch!

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